Ranked battling have been added!

DiamondArrow adminowner posted Mar 9, 19

I'm ecstatic to finally announce the exclusive OPPixelmon plugin which allows trainers to queue up and battle others of similar skill levels. Winning/ losing these matches will affect your ELO (or "points") and these will determine your place on the server's ladder. Every month will be a new season, where the ladder resets and the champions at the top receive fabulous rewards!


/pixelpvp join:- This is used to join the queue and wait for your opponent.

/pixelpvp leave:- This is used to leave the queue.

/pixelpvp ladder:- Shows the ranking of the players according to their elo.

/pixelpvp show:- This updates the scoreboard incase of a glitch.

Season 1 starts today! At the end of the month, top 5 in the ladder will be rewarded:

Top Voter Prize!

DiamondArrow adminowner posted Mar 4, 19

We've added a new site to vote on!

Also, the top 5 voters of this month will be entered into a draw for a $20 Store voucher where each vote counts as an entry!

Voting image

ex. If these are the top 5 monthly voters by the end of the month, 2oyvind2 will have 8 entries, im_sans: 6 entries, jakeybakey: 5 entries, etc.

Server Machine Hacked [Resolved]

DiamondArrow adminowner posted Sep 25, 18

Status: Back Online! [Oct. 11]

Our server machine was hacked and used to send out spam and DDoS attacks to other servers. Luckily, it was swiftly recognized by our host and has been shut down and put into rescue mode (you can think of it as a lockdown).

I'm currently in contacts with their support to gain access back to the machine and restore everything. I will be updating this post and #general on Discord as I assess the damage done and provide an ETA to when the server will be back online.

Outermostzach Thank you for the info

OU Tag Team Tournament

DiamondArrow adminowner posted Aug 4, 18


12th August, 3pm EST


Lvl 100 6v6 Gen 6 Doubles OU(both players have to use 3 mons each).

Prizes (per team)

1st place team :       $20 USD + $30 store voucher
2nd place team :      $10 store voucher + 2 random legend
3rd place team :       2 random legends

Click here for sign-up + more info

PugPlayzGamezYT PugPlayzGamezYT Pokeminer3000


DiamondArrow adminowner posted Jun 18, 18

First Tournament

June 24th 12 noon PST (3PM EST)

click for more info + signup

Starter Base Build-Off

Submit by June 24th

click for more info + signup

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