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We are back with a new event, one of the biggest ones we have ever hosted on the server! This event will be a Build Contest! Here are some questions you might have!

What is the date and time for this contest?
The contest will take place on Sunday 22nd of September at 2 PM EST.

Where do we build?
We will create plots for every person participating where they can freely build whatever they want to.

Do we get creative while building?
You do not get creative while building. We will place chests on every plot with useful blocks everyone gets to use. You will not get fly either you will probably be supplied with stairs.

Are donors allowed to use /fly?
No one is allowed to use /fly or fly a pokemon.

Do we win anything?
The Prizes are:
1st prize: 1 pokemon key+2 ultimate keys+Random legend
2nd prize:- 2Ultra keys+1 Master Key
3rd prize:- 3 ultra keys

Where do we sign up?
React here to sign up.

Who are the judges?
The judges will be higher up staff members. The things we look at are:
  • Aesthetic

  • Functionality (no space goes to waste)

  • Realistic (no flying dunsparces)

  • Original (not copied from a YouTube tutorial, etc.)

What do we build?
We will announce what you guys need to build just before it starts, hope you are good at improvising.

Anything else we need to know?
Build contest is a very good way for us to look for talented builders for our server ;)

Any more questions? Comment them below or message iM4RT1JN / DCWMartijn.
Goodluck! May the best builder win!kek_1537211756.png
With kind regards,

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what sizes are the plots gonna be?
Posted Sep 19, 18
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