I feel wronged!

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With great sorrow i make this thread. at 5:45 - 5:50 gmt, i was warned multiple times by ITechnicpyroI. This is not the first time she tried to assert her dominance through her prestigious 'mod' rank that the higher staff members have decided to give her. Several days ago, I told someone to not use God's name in vain as it is against my religion. She however, went on to warn me because i was a 'memer'. She even proceeded onto saying ' I don't care about your religion. I don't care about religion'. After my warn, i was furious as she abused her powers as a trusted staff. I asked her if she warned me because she was being rude to me. Then a mute was issued to me. At this point i was in great shock as all this time i've believed that one can trust a member of the staff team. I was proven wrong. However giving up is disgraceful to my religion so i stood up for myself and she removed my mute and apologized. Although it wasn't an apology from her bottom of her heart, i was delighted that she acted reasonable.

However, today was different. I was warned for saying the word 'penis'. That's not 'PG' apparently, even though it is
the male genital organ. There are alternatives to that word that might be considered offensive. ITechnicpyroI however couldn't handle the that word as she isn't mature. A warning was issued to me. At this point i was confused and i learnt why i was warned. I, however, made a mistake by thinking Pyro was a reasonable staff, so i went on to explaining to her that it isn't inappropriate, but i was warned again. This time it said: "Warning: Baiting, arguing with staff, inappropriate". I demanded an explanation for this atrocious behaviour by saying "what's wrong with it tho?" . Then i was muted for that reason. However, it didn't stop there. Just like last time, i went onto discord to server chat to talk to her. i clearly stated i just wanted to get my point through. She said i was 'bypassing a mute'. Firstly, that's not in the rules book, secondly i even said that it was a mute that i didn't deserve. I just wanted to talk to her but she kicked me from the discord server. I am not ready to let this go as a staff should act better that what I've seen of Pyro. Bare in mind many people have said things that are not PG including Pyro herself. They were not issued warnings, but i was, even though 'penis' is PG. I hope you can see things from my point of view and realise how devastated i must have felt.
To be totally honest, i'm to blame in some way, but the mute and the constant warnings cannot be justified. When i asked a friend whether to make this thread, she said no:
"its like the real world, no1 cares about what the common people thinks". This is not right, we are all equal and my saying should be equally valued to other people's 2_1543691664.png 3_1543691664.png 4_1543691665.png 5_1543691665.png 6_1543691665.png 7_1543691665.png 8_1543691666.png 9_1543691666.png 10_1543691666.png
Screenshots are attached. Please take this incident into consideration and do what is right.
Posted Dec 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 1, 18
Pyro Has been warned for what she said about religion but the reason for which you were muted is justified.From next time dont argue with staff in main chat to avoid such situations.
Posted Dec 2, 18
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