Ranked battling have been added!

By DiamondArrow adminowner - Posted Mar 9, 19

I'm ecstatic to finally announce the exclusive OPPixelmon plugin which allows trainers to queue up and battle others of similar skill levels. Winning/ losing these matches will affect your ELO (or "points") and these will determine your place on the server's ladder. Every month will be a new season, where the ladder resets and the champions at the top receive fabulous rewards!


/pixelpvp join:- This is used to join the queue and wait for your opponent.

/pixelpvp leave:- This is used to leave the queue.

/pixelpvp ladder:- Shows the ranking of the players according to their elo.

/pixelpvp show:- This updates the scoreboard incase of a glitch.

Season 1 starts today! At the end of the month, top 5 in the ladder will be rewarded:

1st Place

3 Ultimate Keys 5 Master Keys 1mil ingame money 2000 Tokens

2nd Place 

2 Ultimate Keys 4 Master Keys 900k ingame money 1750 Tokens

3rd Place

1 Ultimate Key 3 Master Keys 800k ingame money 1500 Tokens

4th Place

1 Master Key 3 Ultra Keys 700k ingame money 1250 Tokens

5th Place

3 Ultra Keys 600k ingame money 1000 Tokens

The Format for the Ladder will be according to smogon's USUM OU tier. All the rules will be mentioned and continuously updated at /warp pixelpvp

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